Zoi’s Colors

Date of release: 24 March 2016 
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’Zoi’s Colors’ is a candyBox interactive book. It’s a wonderful way to explore the world of colors & shades, looking behind the surface, opening up the colors into color components.

Once upon a time there were four children; a pinkish Princess Athina, the ever-energetic, cute twins Ana-Diana & Zou-Zou Zoi, together with their ’big brother’ Mark. As the ‘candyBox crew’, they explore our BIG WORLD from their small height, looking around & asking questions, .…

This book is by Zoi, who was amazed by how colourful our world is. When Zoi was covering her eyes with her hands, everything becomes dark like at night. When she took her hands off, everything around is full of magnificent lights and colors again. Is that magic?

Zoi found out that white light consists of three main (or primary) colors – red, green and blue. But her art teacher told her that there are other primary colors – red, yellow and blue. How does it work? She discovered the opposite colors that make beautiful contrasts and interesting color patterns. She defined her special magic rainbow to paint life around in the way she likes most of all.

New candyBox interactive book ‘Zoi’s Colors’ presents an art & science view of colors. This has never been taught at schools. ‘Zoi’s Colors’ shows three basic colors and how to mix them to get the others. The book connects colors with real life: red in not only red, but white with no blue and green…

And of course ‘Zoi’s Colors’ interactive book is multilingual! candyBox helps learning colors in a mother tongue, or second language. European, Asian and Cyrillic languages are supported. And there’s the candyBox crew; real-life voices of Athina, Ana, Zoi & Mark!

Just for fun you can also choose the navigation sounds – marimba, organ, alien piano, etc.

candyBox – ‘making learning fun!’


– our candyBox color/shape-name format pages, covering the colors of art & shades of white
— animated hidden shapes and color graphs for understanding color components
– poster format summary pages for
— art primary & secondary colors
— digital primary & secondary colors
— art and candyBox colorwheels


– interactive book format with drag-to-turn pages
– child-friendly, intuitive design with our special candyBox colors
– displays colors with names
– speaks & spells colors
– 25+ iOS based languages & real-life ‘candyBox crew’ voices for key content
– no advertising, no in-app purchases, no data collection
– no cut trees, no carbon foot prints

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