candyBox numbers

Date of release: 27 of May 2015

‘1 to 9’ is how candyBox numbers starts, but it goes further!

Ideal as a starter for children, or adults learning a second language, this fun app takes you through groups of numbers & how they look in different cultures.

candyBox numbers is a cute, multi-lingual app in our candyBox series – “making learning fun!”. Children & adults can discover something new about numbers, languages & cultures.

Numbers are not just something for maths; they pop-up in everyday life too (prices, quantities, phone numbers). Learn to count from 0 to 100 & beyond with candyBox numbers in English, Russian, Chinese or many other languages, discover Roman numerals & candyBox dice…

Like our other candyBox apps, there are no instructions; figuring out how to use it is part of the fun.

candyBox numbers 1 to 9

candyBox numbers 1 to 9


– free! No advertising, no in-app purchases, no data collection
– friendly & intuitive design
– multi-lingual
– our special candyBox colours






candyBox numbers spiral

candyBox numbers spiral


– displays numbers in groups 0 to 100 & beyond
– speaks numbers (in the chosen language)
– shows numbers as text (in the chosen language)
– odd/even numbers
– counting by 2, 3, 5, 10
– fun sequences
– different number systems (European, Roman, candyBox dice, etc)
– 25+ iOS based languages, plus a surprise or two




candyBox numbers 0 to 100

candyBox numbers 0 to 100

what you can learn

– counting from 0 to 100 & beyond
– ordering numbers
– counting in different languages
– understanding number systems from other cultures




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