candyBox calculator

Date of release: 19 of June 2015

Let’s calculate!

Welcome to candyBox calculator, another app in our candyBox series – ’making learning fun!’. Suitable for children & adults, it takes a new look at basic math & includes a ten-step quiz covering the world-famous Singapore school syllabus. Plus some candyBox extras 🙂

You can do math in many different languages as our app speaks and shows you how to write numbers too! Make it even more interesting and choose a design – European, shapeAbet, dice, even Thai…

candyBox calculator has a fascinating ‘infinity’ button & it may surprise you with it’s ‘about’ answers.

Try out our special ‘question’ button & practice the ‘maths in your head’ challenges that go from easy to quite tricky. Test your children or even yourself; can you complete level 9?

Like our other candyBox apps, there are no instructions; figuring out how to use it is part of the fun.

candyBox calculator add

candyBox calculator add


– free! No advertising, no in-app purchases, no data collection!
– friendly & intuitive design
– our special candyBox colours
– 25+ iOS based languages






candyBox calculator quiz

candyBox calculator quiz


– basic arithmetic actions (addition, subtraction, multiplication & division)
– unique ‘infinity’ button
– special ‘about’ answers for division
– displays numbers & spelling
– built-in math challenges covering the maths school syllabus





candyBox calculator big numbers

candyBox calculator big numbers

what you can learn

– calculation
– practise maths
– telling & writing numbers in different languages