Ana’s Numbers

Date of release: 3 of March 2016

’Ana’s Numbers’ is a candyBox interactive book.

It’s a wonderful way to explore the world of numbers; speaking, reading, spelling & meaning.

Once upon a time there were four children; a pinkish Princess Athina, the ever-energetic, cute twins Ana-Diana & Zou-Zou Zoe, together with their ’big brother’ Mark. As the ‘candyBox crew’, they explore our BIG WORLD from their small height, looking around & asking questions, .…

This book is by Ana, who decided that she wants to know what ’numbers’ are. She wanted to count everything around her – flowers, snowflakes, cats & stars. How can she do it? What is ‘one’; what does ‘five’ look like? What does ‘7’ really mean; is ’20’ a lot, or not?

‘Ana’s Numbers’ helps to build associations between the shapes, sounds, words & amounts. It has a book format with an innovative navigation; it spells words & highlights vowels. There’s interactive content on every page with sound and animation; colourful, clean & simple, without distractions. It’s designed for children aged 4-8, but even adults may find something new, especially learning a second language.

And it is multilingual! candyBox helps learn numbers in a mother tongue, or second language. European, Asian and Cyrillic languages are supported. And there’s the candyBox crew; real-life voices of Athina, Ana, Zoe & Mark!

Just for fun you can also choose the navigation sounds – marimba, organ, alien piano, etc.

candyBox – ‘making learning fun!’

Ana's Numbers title page

Ana’s Numbers title page


– flash-card format pages for numbers 0 to 29
— animated hidden shapes for building associations & understanding amounts
– poster format summary pages for
— counting by tens & hundreds
— odd & even numbers
— candyBox dice & candyBox counting
— roman numerals
— ordering numbers




Ana's Numbers chapter page

Ana’s Numbers chapter page


– interactive book format with drag-to-turn pages
– child-friendly, intuitive design with our special candyBox colours
– displays numbers with names, e.g. ‘1’ & ‘one’ , and associated shapes
– speaks & spells numbers
– introduces shapeAbet numbers, candyBox counting and candyBox dice for practising maths
– 25+ iOS based languages & real-life ‘candyBox crew’ voices for key content
– no advertising, no in-app purchases, no data collection
– no cut trees, no carbon foot prints




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